PIER71 Smart Port Challenge 2019

Background / Description

PIER71 Smart Port Challenge 2019 - Opportunities for startups in the digital transformation of the maritime industry

Smart Port Challenge 2019 is back for a third run where 28 innovation opportunities have been put up and more than 20 corporates are looking to adopt innovations in the areas of Intelligent Next Generation Port, Sea Space & Maritime Traffic Management, Smart Fleet Operations & Autonomous Vessels, Effective Maritime Safety & Security, and Sustainable Maritime Environment & Energy.  Finalists will get privilege access to industry insights from veterans, market validation programme and chance to apply for up to S$50,000 grant for projects.  Find out more before the application ends on 9th August.

Technical Specifications

PIER71, Port Innovation Ecosystem Reimagined at BLOCK71 is a programme co-founded by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and NUS Enterprise to grow Singapore’s maritime innovation ecosystem.  PIER71 boosts innovation in the maritime and maritime-related industries by attracting talents, creating opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, attracting investments into start-ups, and accelerating ventures.  PIER71 designs and delivers programmes to uncover opportunities within the industry and supports entrepreneurs from ideation to acceleration of their ventures.  PIER71 provides  access to various markets,  demand drivers, technology solution providers, investors and more. PIER71 also represents a budding and increasingly vibrant ecosystem of stakeholders who are keen to digitalise and create the next wave of maritime innovation. (

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • IP Acquisition
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)
  • Others

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