Seeking AI Technologies to Empower and Enhance a Community Relationship Management Solution

Background / Description

The lifestyle industry has its own unique set of challenges which makes it more challenging to adopt good customer relationship management practices to build a loyal base of customers.

Effective community management helps with the retention of existing customers who then likely be involved in repeated brand interactions. A major characteristic of communities is that it helps information flow faster, therefore effective community management can help and cultivate new members through positive word of mouth. Community management also focuses on strengthening the position of the brand in the long-term by building a reputation.

A Singapore company is seeking Artificial Intelligence (A.I) technologies or solutions that can enhance their Community Relationship Management Solution that they have developed. They would like to enable their users to gather intelligent insights from the data captured in the system and deliver improved customer service and customer delight through leveraging A.I technologies.

Partners with the sought A.I technologies/capabilities who are interested in venturing into the Consumer Lifestyle industry are welcome to collaborate via a licensing or co-development partnership under the Call for Proposal EUREKA GlobalStars Singapore for Joint R&D Projects.

Technical Specifications

Data is considered the new oil. Companies extract, clean, analyze and disseminate data, which is essential to the growth of the industry, more so in the consumer-driven lifestyle industry. The company's technology aggregates data from various inputs sources to produce meaning insights and derives actionable metrics.

The company is looking for collaboration partners to solve problems in the lifestyle industry related to customer segmentation, and to help them grow their communities while preserving the privacy and security of the data collected. Building trust among members of the community is paramount in building a healthy ecosystem of communities.

Potential areas where the A.I can be deployed (not limited to the following):

  • Customers Analytics
  • Sales analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Process automation

The A.I technology/solution sought should deliver the following capabilities:

  • Leverage on a large amount of data (e.g from organizations, individual contact information, preferences, etc.)
  • Identify consumers spending habits, targeted promotions, generate recommendations and predictive analytics
  • Use Machine Learning (ML) to automate operational processes such as issuing promotion alerts and recommend products to consumers. 

The company is looking for partners with A.I technologies or capabilities in:

a) Providing customer segmentation services using data, or
b) Providing process automation solutions using A.I. and Machine Learning
c) Providing digital and social media marketing for small and medium enterprise


Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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