Seeking Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Producing Original Music Content

Background / Description

This tech need is from a Turkish SME that sells/rents the original music content to its customers via different subscription models through its online platforms. Example: A documentary production firm can subscribe to their platform and have access to their original music portfolio to be used in the documentaries to be produced.

The end-users of their platform include anyone who wants to purchase original music content. They can be engaged via both B2B (e.g documentary company) and B2C (e.g a customer who wants to find music to lay over a homemade family birthday video).

The company currently produces their original music content via in-house producers. Although this model is sufficient for today, as the company takes off, there will be a need to create more content at a faster rate. As such, the company is seeking Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies that can produce music according to their producers’ talents and strengths, allowing them to optimise their efforts in music production (e.g through incremental efforts such as minor editing of the produced music) and manage a more efficient music production system.

Technical Specifications

  • Leverage deep learning networks and with capabilities to analysing large amounts of data to find patterns and be trained.
  • Ability to identify chords, tempo, length, and the co-relation of notes and generating music and melodies from the inputs learned.
  • Ability to also conform to set rules in generating the desired music output.
  • Ability to compose music based on the specified genre and moods.

What we are not interested in

The company will use their current producers’ original music as the training data set for the AI system and would not be interested in technologies that use copyrighted materials in the music composition.

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