Seeking Consumer Products for the Health and Wellness Sector

Background / Description

The seeker is a large direct selling company in the USA with presence in many overseas markets. It has a range of established nutrition, personal care, skin care and home-care product brands that positively impact the health and wellness of its end-consumers. These brands are recognized as innovative, backed by science and are successfully marketed and sold by an extensive entrepreneurial network to consumers who are increasingly influenced to invest in new products / experiences by personal and social recommendations.

The seeker is searching for commercially ready, emerging consumer products for the health and wellness sector, which can be initially introduced into China or specific Asian markets such as Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia.

Technical Specifications

To introduce innovative branded products and partner with smaller companies to ensure customer base is offered the widest range of effective and innovative early-stage products that have yet to become mainstream, for example:

Appealing to: Consumers under 35 (i.e. Millennials or Gen Z) - ‘Super Moms’ ‘Busy Dads’ - Consumers over 50 (i.e. groups that share a common need or desire a common benefit).

Addressing these markets: Pet supplements/nutrition Personalized Nutrition, Beauty and personal care products Plant based Nutrition, Beauty and personal care products.

With these characteristics Alternative - Botanical - Sustainable - Clean Label.

Delivering these benefits: Personalized - Track, Recommend, and Enhance - Proven efficacy.

In this format: Devices and/or Consumables - Digital interaction / service Customized.

Should not be: “me-too” or commodity products.

Solutions should meet the following requirements:

- be on the market or market-ready for delivery in 3-9 months

- offer a compelling reason to buy, with a high perceived value,

- be demonstrable, and have a unique founder or development story

- be for use by a consumer with IP freedom to operate in China / Asia

- work as represented, be legal and safe, intuitive to use, shelf-stable

- provide a step-change offering, unique and relevant, groundbreaking with the potential to become mainstream


The seeker is able to leverage its extensive person-to-person network to deliver new products, having already introduced various brands and supporting products to their global consumer base. They will require a short period of exclusivity and expect this opportunity to appeal to: early-stage companies that have completed development of their product but require assistance in marketing and distributing their product; more established companies with limited exposure wishing to scale-up or enter new markets/sales channels. They are open to discuss the most appropriate form of collaboration to ensure innovative products reach the market quickly and effectively.

Preferred Business Model

  • Licensing
  • IP Acquisition
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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