Seeking Electronic Tags for Smart Packaging

Background / Description

Smart packaging has emerged as a potential solution to consumers to track the usage of a product. By collecting the data (e.g., volume, temperature, weight) from the sensor and wirelessly transmitting the measured data to a processing unit (e.g., mobile phone), the usage and quality of a product can be analyzed. The analyzed data can provide several information to the users, such as when to replenish the product, the effectiveness of a medicine and when the product is used.

The Singapore company aspires to be the market leader in Smart packaging offering an integrated intelligent connected packaging label solution for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), Food and Healthcare products. Currently, fakes products are prevalent in both online and offline space. The ability to authenticate products are crucial for both consumers’ welfare and companies’ revenue. This is especially so for food related products.

The company is currently providing solutions to help companies in S.E Asia and China on Brand Protection and Product authentication to prevent loss revenue due to counterfeit, track supply chain and engage consumers.

The company believes in 2 broad future trends – (1) Product Authenticity and (2) Internet of Things (IoT). They are interested in technology that can be incorporated as intelligent packaging where a smart label on product packaging is engage consumers and help to track product consumption by the user.

The company is seeking a wireless electronic tag that can be easily integrated or attached on a packaging and able to capture the usage and frequency of the consumption of products, such as milk powder, drink, medicine.


Use case for intelligent packaging label:

A smart label is applied onto a healthcare supplement product. The label outside the packaging will automatically track how much supplement is left on the bottle and provide alerts to the consumer’s smartphone. It can be integrated to seller’s stores for delivery with a button. The sellers can also receive notification on real time consumption levels in different locations and help to ensure sufficient supplies for replenishment to their customers.

The company is on the lookout for suitable partners to create, develop or integrate intelligent technology with brand protection technology solutions to allow consumers to first authenticate product purchase and then monitor product consumption level.

Technical Specifications

The intelligent packaging label or technology is preferably powered without battery. It would have sensor and ability to send notification to track the usage level whenever the product is consumed. The proposed features include

  • Wireless communicated capability to transmit the information from packaging to mobile phones
  • Non-intrusively measure several parameters from the packaging, such as consumption, temperature, humidity and frequency of consumption of the food/medicine/milk powder/laundry powder
  • Easily attachable on a packaging
  • Communicated by mobile phone
  • Customizable to different types of packaging
  • Size of tags should be customizable. For preferably around: 1 inch x 2 inches.

The company proposed to embed integrated brand protection solutions into intelligent packaging label. OR alternatively, the sensor technology can be integrated into brand protection labels.

The objective is to determine and drive consumption more accurately based on demand rather than supply. Pro-active alerts, preventive measures or shortage of supplies can be achieved in real time.

The potential partner(s) will be contributing to this project through their domain expertise in the area of IoT sensing technology. The potential partner(s) will be able to tap this collaboration to further support their businesses with addition of product authentication and consumer engagement capabilities.

What we are not interested in

Proprietary reader based electronic tag (e.g., RFID reader)

Preferred Business Model

  • Licensing
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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