Seeking Flavour Infuser / Diffuser

Background / Description

IPI is working with our Open Innovation partner in UK to seek technologies that allow customisation of products on demand, with a focus on the use of flavours / aromas. Leading brands are increasingly looking to the use of aroma/scent to not only enhance the sensory experience for the end-user, but for marketing, to distinguish products from competitors and build brand loyalty. This includes personalising the product so it stands out in a retail environment, and in this instance allowing the end-user to determine their own level of flavouring, fragrance or seasoning.
The client is an international design and development company that seeks an efficient ‘infusion’ or dispensing technology capable of imparting one or more volatile flavour/aromas to a product when triggered by the end-user.

Technical Specifications

The client seeks an efficient ‘infusion’ or dispensing technology capable of imparting one or more volatile flavour/aromas to a product when triggered by the end-user.
The preference is for a simple, unpowered component that could be placed inside the package as an insert, with a simple activation or trigger mechanism (a food example could be flavouring sachets applied to snack products). However, the client is also happy to consider an external and discrete, powered device / component (either fitted to the outside of the package or as a separate accessory / diffuser) that can be used to infuse products off-line, on an ad-hoc basis. In this case, electronic technologies can also be considered (a household example could be a customisable fragrance plug-in device).
The technology must be able to:
• ‘Infuse’ a variety of flavour/aromas into the contents of a pack
• Manage up to three discrete flavour/aromas and infuse them separately, or in combinations of any two, or all three together, dependent on user preference
• Allow unfettered, occasional user access to the pack
• Provide complete ‘seasoning’ of packed product within 0 – 24 hours
• Demonstrate safe, ideally food safe, credentials (so allowing use in cosmetic and food products)
Appropriate technology may be found in the following industries/products however this list is not intended to be either exhaustive or limiting: -
- Aerosol / air fresheners / air management / atomisers
- Perfumery and cosmetics
- Dispensing and dosing industries
- Pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals
- Snack / confectionary
- Dehydrated / rehydrated foodstuffs
Our client is currently in the exploration / proof of concept stage and therefore innovative approaches are particularly welcome. It is the intention to prototype various implementations and therefore a willingness to work with the client is important.

Suppliers are invited to provide introductory product information for review. Companies that are currently developing technology or end-product that could be suitable for this requirement are welcome to share what non-confidential they can, for review by the client.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • IP Acquisition
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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