Seeking Healthcare Partners for Tele-rehabilitation System

Background / Description

A local startup with a tele-rehabilitation system is looking for healthcare partners such as community centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, physiotherapy clinics or nursing homes to collaborate on the test-bedding and further development of their tele-rehabilitation system. The wearable motions sensors and mobile application of this system helps to track patients for their prescribed exercise plans and improve patient recovery and compliance. Relevant data on exercise and rehabilitation interventions such as pain levels, exercise accuracy, range-of-movement, recovery progression etc. can be monitored. Healthcare professionals can conduct their patient follow-ups and analysis via a web-portal. Clinical applications for this system can range from treatment for stroke patients to arthritis, general pain or after surgical interventions (knee, hip, shoulder).

Technical Specifications

The company is seeking for collaboration with healthcare providers to validate their tele-rehabilitation system as well as work with them to further develop their system to suit the requirements of these healthcare providers. 

• Patients and healthcare professionals need to have mobile devices (phones or tablets) that support external bluetooth devices and are running on Android (4.0 and above). Compatible mobile devices may be provided if they are not readily available.

 • Healthcare professionals need to have an active internet connection during patient set-up and for ongoing monitoring or analysis.

• Patients need to have access to an internet connection for results upload, dependent on the agreed data upload frequency (e.g. once per week). 


Preferred Business Model

  • Licensing
  • IP Acquisition
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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