Seeking High-Yield, Chemical-Free, Quality Protein Extraction from Mulberry Leaves

Background / Description

A Turkish company is seeking to adopt or collaborate with suitable technology providers for the extraction of high-yield, chemical-free and quality protein from mulberry leaves. With the rich and high quality protein content of mulberry leaves, the technology seeker is interested in using mulberries and mulberry leaves for a wide range of applications from food to cosmetics, and in particular, manufacturing a plant-based protein supplement for vegans or people who do not want to consume animal protein for health or other reasons. The technology provider sought after should be able process and extract solid protein from mulberry leaves in a natural, cost-effective and high-yield method. The process should aim to preserve and maintain the natural bioactives and minerals found in the leaves.

Technical Specifications

Mulberry leaves are very rich in magnesium, iron and calcium and there are numerous health benefits associated with the direct and indirect consumption (such as mulberry tea) of mulberry leaves. While there are quite a few sources of vegetable-based protein supplements such as green peas, mulberry leaves have not been used for such a product yet, despite its high protein content.

The Turkish company is seeking to collaborate with a suitable technology provider who is able to process and extract solid protein from mulberry leaves in a natural, cost-effective and high-yield method for example, chromatographic purification and concentration. According to basic level studies, the average product yield is found to be about 22 percent. The yield from the protein purification will be marketed and sold as a protein supplement for human consumption. As such, certain relevant food standards should be adhered to including the legislation of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health and EU food standards and licensing according to the European Union food support legislation.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • IP Acquisition
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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