Seeking Innovation in Snacking

Background / Description

A global snacking company is seeking technologies or ingredient options to produce snacks differently. Snacks that deliver a sense of emotional and physical well-being to consumers. Processes and packaging that is more sustainable, has a higher control over product variability. Methods to reduce R&D cycle time.

Technical Specifications

We are seeking for technologies and partners in the areas of ingredients, packaging and efficienty/capability. 

  1. Seeking Snack Ingredients that Promote Well-Being
  2. Seeking Gluten-Free Bakery Ingredients and Technologies
  3. Seeking Micro Data Communication Technologies for Food Process Monitoring
  4. Seeking Highly Available and Affordable Alternatives to Palm Kernel Oil
  5. Seeking New Packaging Technologies for E-Commerce, Product Security & Sustainability
  6. Seeking New Technologies to Improve Packaging and Polymer Sustainability
  7. Seeking Digestible Soluble & Insoluble Dietary Fibres
  8. Seeking Natural Sweeteners with Compatible Bulking Agents
  9. Seeking resilient sensors and robotic application of control agents for better crop management
  10. Seeking digital modelling and simulation technologies to reduce product development times
  11. Seeking water measurement methodologies in the baking process
  12. Seeking natural systems for reduction in pesticides, fungicides and fertilisers on key crops
  13. Seeking bioinformatics and other data mining tools for food-related biological systems
  14. Seeking Natural Gelatin Substitute that Meets Kosher & Halal Requirements
  15. Seeking Clean Label, Real Fruit Fillings with Broad Applicability
  16. Seeking Technologies & Methodologies to Mitigate Fat Bloom in Chocolate

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Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • IP Acquisition
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)
  • Others

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