Seeking Innovative BIM Applications Beyond Construction Modeling

Background / Description

The Open Innovation Platform (OIP), an initiative by the Info-Communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA), aims to connect real business challenges to problem solvers.



KAJIMA Group is a large building and construction company with 180 years of history in the industry, typically involved in leading large scale projects. The company builds commercial, residential, and institutional buildings. Its portfolio in Singapore includes Resorts World Sentosa.

Most building development projects in Singapore utilise BIM (Building Information Modeling) in the Design Phase of the project. BIM is an intelligent 3D model that provides architecture, engineering, and construction professionals insights and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure. Currently, additional applications like Time Management (4D), Cost Management (5D), Sustainability (6D) and Facility Management (7D) can be provided over and above the base BIM functionality. These are typically provided by third party providers over and above the base BIM software module.

For instance, the BIM may be used to digitalise the following processes (non-exhaustive):

  • Construction phase:
    • Planning: methodology, work sequences, logistics, material hoisting
    • Site management: labour management, ingress/egress, traffic management
    • Contract management: progress claims, recording changes, variation order
    • Safety management: the safety of site, labour, neighbour, working environment
    • Defect management: defect, latent defect, repair, warranty, guarantee
  • Post construction phase:
    • Facility management: Maintenance of building, repair and maintenance


Problem Statement
How can the applications of BIM be expanded to the construction and/or post-construction phase(s) of a typical building project, so as to reduce the need for manpower and increase overall productivity?

Technical Specifications

What Are We Looking For

  • Proof-Of-Concept (POC) for innovative BIM application(s) in the construction and post-construction phase(s) of a typical building project
  • Ability to work with industry-compliant software and share information on the BIM as necessary using standard APIs
  • Solution must demonstrate reduced need for manpower and increase overall productivity
  • Solution should look beyond BIM applications for construction modelling and ideas already conceptualised as part of the Building and Construction Authority’s Integrated Digital Delivery Initiative


Possible Use Case
Possible use case for utilising BIM in the construction phase (these are non-exhaustive examples and innovative proposals will also be favourably considered):

1) Accurate planning: Building progress can be monitored, and resources can be scheduled appropriately

  • Progress monitoring could be enabled using image analysis.
  • Images of the building exterior can be captured using a drone, and automatically fed to a solution which will compare the actual progress with the expected end state as available in the BIM.
  • The solution can anticipate and estimate delays, if any, and improve the planning and resource allocation process.

2) Better safety management: Safety of the building site, the workers and the working environment, and the neighbourhood can be achieved by alerting the stakeholders of any potential disruption to normal workflow

  • The solution can prompt the site engineer on forthcoming works that could require hazardous machinery
  • Workers working around the machine can be alerted in advance to stay aware and vigilant

3) Better defects management: Detection of defects during the construction phase can be reported in timely and automated manner

  • After detecting defects and taking reference with information from BIM, the solution can evaluate and suggest repair works to optimise repair scheduling


What's In It For You

  • SGD 50,000 of prize money for each winner of this challenge (see Award Model)
  • Potential partnership with KAJIMA Group in multiple regions, providing market access and channels
  • If successful, opportunity to obtain KAJIMA Group as an established reference customer and potential investment
  • Winner will be publicised by KAJIMA Group at the end of the challenge



We are open to global and Singapore-based individuals, research providers and companies that have digital technology expertise and innovation capabilities. Some of these include Info-Comm and Media (ICM) start-ups, SMEs and larger companies. Problem Solvers should have the ability and desire to co-create and innovate with Problem Owners or/and other partners to translate their ideas into solutions that can address real business needs. 

There are no restrictions on the geographic location of the problem solvers who may choose to apply to this challenge. However, the POC needs to be demonstrated in Singapore. Global applicants must be prepared to bear the additional cost of travel.


Further Details

Technical details of the problem statements as well as information related to the innovation calls can be found on the IMDA Open Innovation Platform (OIP) which you will be redirected to after clicking on the 'Proceed To Details' button below and filling up a short form with your basic information.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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