Seeking Integrated Autonomous Robotic Hard Floor Scrubber with Surveillance Features - Joint Innovation Call by Gov-PACT NEA-ESG

Background / Description

About NEA-ESG Joint Innovation Call on Cleaning, Waste Management and Monitoring of Environmental Process Parameters

The National Environment Agency (NEA) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) have jointly launched an Innovation Call under the Government – Partnership Capability Transformation (Gov-PACT) initiative, to encourage greater use of technology and automation to raise productivity for cleaning, waste management and monitoring of environmental process parameters. The innovation call also seeks to address operational challenges in the industry, as well as to build up the capability and skillsets of workers.


 Innovation Call: [B] To Develop an Integrated Autonomous Robotic Hard Floor Scrubber with Surveillance Features

Currently, the cleaners at Heartbeat@Bedok have to follow a schedule when operating the hard floor scrubber to sweep or mop the floor. To minimise disruption to consumers, the hard floor scrubber is only deployed during off-peak hours as the cleaning area needs to be cordoned off during the cleaning process.

Due to the large public space, the schedule for cleaning is also very tight as there is limited time available to clean all areas using the hard floor scrubber. Furthermore, not all cleaners are able to operate the hard floor scrubber and this further limits the efficient manpower deployment of manpower.

In terms of patrolling duties, the security guards currently patrol the premises on a fixed schedule. For large and inaccessible areas, security cameras are fixed on ceiling or walls, which mean that the cameras are immobile.

The challenge is for the industry to come up with a solution that can perform both cleaning and security surveillance functions concurrently, so that the premises owner can channel existing manpower resources to other higher value-added work.

Technical Specifications


The proposed solution should meet the following requirements:

  1. It should automatically move to the designated area for cleaning and surveillance from the charging point. Thus, it should be able to take an elevator by itself. The device’s location should be tracked during operation for security purpose.
  2. It should ensure that the surveillance features are still functioning while making its way back to the charging point on its own when power is low.
  3. The proposed solution to operate for at least 3 operation hours for every 2 hours charging duration.
  4. There should an option for the device to be remotely operated.
  5. QP/LEW is to certify the installation of the device is safe for the purpose of the trial.
  6. The device must comply with the necessary building regulation requirements.
  7. Operation of the device should be efficient (e.g. cost efficient, energy efficient, manpower). Minimal human intervention should be involved in carrying out its work.
  8. The device should require minimal installation and noise disturbance to the public when in operation.
  9. The device should be weather proof as some corridors is subjected to wet weather although it is mainly for indoor usage.
  10. Device should not be too bulky as it should be transportable by a class 3 vehicle.
  11. The surveillance camera must be able to record 24 hours with minimal charging. It should be able to have face-recognition technology, data analytics and detect any abnormalities (e.g. damage to property/theft/missing person/Lost and Found/trespassing/area not secure like door not lock or door open after office/operation hours) with alerts to be captured for back-end reporting.
  12. The proposed solution should be easy to operate and should be able to effectively scrub the floors and provide reports for management reporting. For example, it should be able to report on the cleaning performance (frequency of cleaning, areas covered, photographs of defects, etc).

  *Please refer to link for full details on Requirements.


Funding Support

The call is targeted at Singapore registered SMEs / start-ups. Foreign companies are invited to submit proposals. However, to qualify for Government's funding, foreign technology providers should work with Singapore registered SMEs / start-ups.

*Please refer to link for full details on Funding Support.


Eligibility Information

  • Solutions must not be readily or commercially available in the market.
  • Development of the solutions must not have commenced at the point of proposal submission.

*Please refer to link for full details on Eligibility Information.


Further Details and Technical Briefing

Following the online launch of the Innovation Call, a technical briefing (details below) will be held to provide potential proposers with more information.


Date: Wednesday, 11th July 2018

Time: 9 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Marina Bay Sands [10 Bayfront Avenue, S(018956)], Rooms 4505 & 4506

Registration will close on Monday 9th July 2018.


Technical details of the problem statement as well as information related to the innovation call can be found on the Govt Pact portal which you will be redirected to after clicking on the 'Proceed To Details' button below and filling up a short form with your basic information. Please follow instructions on the Govt Pact portal to register your interest for the technical briefing. Further information on NEA's grant and awards can found in the link here

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration

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