Seeking an Integrated Learning Management System for Healthcare Professionals

Background / Description

A re-structured hospital in Singapore seeks a learning solution to train employees in personal and team effectiveness competencies such as communication, mindfulness, patient safety, leadership, situation monitoring, etc. The seeker envisages the solution to be able to personalise the content and assessment to the individual, measure performance to individual and team indicators, collect survey from individual and assessable via mobile devices.

The envisaged core training program covers generic skills essential to individual and team effectiveness. The heavy workload in a hospital context and manpower shortfalls make traditional classroom training extremely challenging to attend, and detrimental to staff morale. This mode of training is also not conducive in re-enacting the specific case studies that actually happen in various work areas throughout the hospital, such as operating theatres, inpatient wards and medical centres.

Conventional post-course feedback forms also do not capture the ‘ROI’ and impact of the training program on KPIs. We envisage the solution to augment traditional classroom training, to sustain interest and learning outcomes beyond the course.

Technical Specifications

The solution would comprise of an integrated learning management system that can deliver surveys, assessment scenarios and bite-sized learning content on quality and patient safety to the primary groups of users, comprising new hires, current staff, managers, learning coordinators and management.

  1. The solution should be mobile compatible and accessible through mobile phone or tablet devices.
  2. The solution must be stored on a secured cloud and password secure with user-defined access matrix.
  3. The solution must be portable to other cloud services.
  4. The solution should deploy and integrate multiple technologies and methodologies to sustain learner interest, measure application and track performance metrics, personalise assessment to individual and team performance, incorporate multiple contexts in assessment scenarios and provide management dashboard for analytics.

Measure of Success:

Innovation: Solution considers all the different emerging technologies to address the challenge, integrates different technologies for seamless user experience and is cost-effective (omits technologies that are irrelevant to the challenge).

Quality: Solution provides sound and reliable method and means to measure effectiveness against KPI; able to assess multi-modal learner responses to assessment scenarios; allow individual subscription to content channels for self-directed learning; automated performance dashboards for individual learners, user groups and trainee batches.

Ease of Use: Good user experience design and does not require additional hardware installation or infrastructure modifications.

Scalability: Solution is future-proof and can scale up with additional content/KPI/assessment scenarios


Preferred Business Model

  • Licensing
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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