Seeking Microservices Solution Providers for Collaboration in Codeless App Development Platform

Background / Description

Codeless software development tools have recently been identified by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) as one of the nine key technology trends that can have the greatest impact on the digital economy. The use of such codeless platforms enables the quick materialization and live testing of an idea, thus allowing for rapid iterations to arrive at an end product in a short amount of time.

Our codeless development platform is a Singapore-developed software which focuses on empowering ordinary users with the ability to develop their own mobile and web applications. This eliminates the communication barriers between them, their managers, and remote software developers.

Faced by overly lengthy delays in undergoing digital transformation of their business, companies cannot afford to overlook the maturing codeless and low-code space. By embracing this new IT trend, the transformative process can be made more accessible, much faster, and more targeted.

Technical Specifications

Codeless development tools often offer integration with a variety of microservices like SMS gateway service providers, e-vouchers/e-coupons management, online payment gateways, or text-to-voice messaging. Our codeless development platform delivers such micro services and any user could, for example, develop an app to accept credit card payments within just a matter of minutes.

We are currently seeking microservices solution providers who are keen to collaborate with us in augmenting our codeless development platform. The microservices solution providers should have solutions that can be delivered via Application Programming Interface (API). Upon successful integration, microservices solution partners could look forward to delivering their microservices through our codeless development platform.

What we are not interested in

Microservices providers without API capabilities are not our target collaborators.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration

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