Seeking Personalised Nutrition Solutions for Supplements and Functional Foods

Background / Description

Personalised nutrition—individually-tailored nutrition that works just right for each body and microbiome—is a growing trend in the health & wellness and nutrition sectors, as consumers grow increasingly aware of the link between nutrition and health. Bespoke nutrition plans for food and beverage products have the potential to counter diseases and help individuals make healthier choices.

A global health functional food company is seeking new ingredients, processes, and product technologies related to personalised nutrition. Based on an approach aimed at delivering nutritional intervention/ advice suited to each individual, these solutions should be applicable for supplements, functional foods, drug therapies and alternative medicines. 


Technical Specifications

The technology sought can be for diagnosis, subscription service, dietary supplements and production, and focus on the following areas: 

  • Hair growth 
  • Joint health: Relief of pain and stiffness, physical movement improvement
  • Memory and cognitive improvement
  • Energy boosting and vitality 
  • Weight management: Body fat reduction
  • Respiratory inflammation relief 
  • Gut health: Probiotics 
  • Any functionalities to improve deteriorating biological activities caused by ageing

What we are not interested in

The company is not interested in solutions related to genetic testing.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing

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