Seeking Problem Solvers for IMDA's Open Innovation Platform (2nd Innovation Call)

Background / Description

The Open Innovation Platform (OIP), an initiative by the Info-Communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA), aims to connect real business challenges to Problem Solvers like you. If you are an innovative tech company looking to solve real business challenges and access new customers, our 2nd Innovation Call is now open for applications.

In this call, we have 20 challenges spanning across various industries including logistics, infocomm media and retail amongst others, $500,000 worth of prize monies to be awarded!

Simply sign up for an account on the OIP. You will then be able to view the details of the challenges and can log in to apply for any of the challenges.

Technical Specifications

The companies with their problem statements and the prize money to be awarded to the selected finalists are listed in the table below:

CompanyChallenge TitleProblem StatementPrize Money (SGD)
StroztechAutomated Cabling Installation For Security SystemsHow might we significantly reduce the cost of cabling for security devices (and also other IOT devices), while ensuring reliability and effectiveness of the connection?$35,000
ST EngineeringEnabling Efficient Staff Access Across BuildingsHow might we enable simple and efficient staff access across different office buildings in Singapore?$10,000
Concord AssociatesImage Analytics Solution for Workplace Safety & Health AuditHow might we use image recognition to increase the speed of reporting during workplace safety and health site inspections, while maintaining accuracy?$40,000
iBay SystemsTracking Solution for Liquid-based StockHow can we help our customers track and manage their liquid-based stock on a real-time basis?$10,000
ZeemartIntegrated Procurement Chain System for Optimisation of F&B EcosystemHow might we provide an integrated procurement chain system that can connect F&B operators’ front-of-house to its suppliers’ warehousing and logistics needs seamlessly, to enable smarter purchasing decisions?$25,000
The New Gen InfoTechIntelligent Trade Financing Transaction SolutionHow might we make the process of trade financing transaction documentation screening (i.e. AML and KYC checks) more efficient and streamlined, so that we make it more cost-efficient for financial institutions to support SME’s trade financing transactions?$30,000
Automate AsiaSmart Automation to Monitor Care ProvisionHow can we accurately monitor and record the body positions of bedridden patients in order to manage the occurrence of bed sores?$10,000
SPHFact-checking Engine for Online ContentHow might we provide a means to verify online content for factual accuracy and authenticity, so that readers can make more informed decisions on whether to trust the information and/or to further propagate the content?$20,000
SQL ViewIntelligent Solution for Effortless Email FilingHow might we use technology to make email filing effortless for users, so that vital knowledge and insights of an organisation are retained and accessible to current and future users?$20,000
SpaceroamDedicated Data Connectivity Solution for Offshore ShipsHow might we provide dedicated high speed data connectivity to ships berthed up to 20km offshore in a cost-effective way?$30,000
SIALocation Tracking and Management of Container AssetsHow might we automate and increase the accuracy of Unit Load Devices (ULDs) tracking, so as to effectively monitor the location of ULDs?$30,000
TEHO Ropes and SuppliesAutomated Customer Quotation SystemHow can we automate the process of providing quotations to customers, from capturing relevant customer requirements from enquiries to analysing and providing recommendations on the best product option available in stock based on the vessel’s specifications and journey?$30,000
MediCellIntelligent Real-time Medicine Inventory Management SolutionHow might we develop centralised inventory solution that provides real-time intelligence to optimise the demand and supply for medicinal drugs and reduce the wastage and cost inefficiencies for dispensaries?$30,000
Schneller AsiaRealistic Visualisation of Surface Designs On 3D SurfacesHow can we provide a realistic digital visualisation of surface aesthetics applied on 3D surfaces prior to prototype development?$10,000
MIBCVirtual Personalised Manager for Backend Office ProcessesHow might we create a virtual personalised manager that can help small medium size businesses manage and automate their business processes?$25,000
Value ConsultancyIntelligent Advisory Platform for Business ComplianceHow might we develop an intelligent solution to facilitate the submission of relevant business compliance information, and recommend appropriate solutions for small businesses ?$50,000
NTUC LinkEffective Customer Engagement Through Mobile AppHow might we acquire and engage millennials more actively in order to increase their uptake and usage of the Plus! Mobile App?$15,000
BrandCodeSmart Collection and Analysis of Grocery ReceiptsHow might we provide receipt intelligence to FMCG brand owners in a highly automated and cost-effective manner so that they can receive actionable marketing insights?$30,000
CAGSeamless Shopping ExperienceHow can we transform the checkout experience for passengers travelling through the airport to make it seamless to purchase spirits, wines and beers ensuring compliance with Singapore Customs where applicable?$50,000
SK-IIMagic Ring Skin Test ChallengeHow can we create a tech-enabled skin test at scale to drive SK-II awareness and trials, in order to get people to experience their real skin age and understand benefits of SK-II?$15,000



We are open to global and Singapore-based individuals, research providers and companies that have digital technology expertise and innovation capabilities. Some of these include Info-Comm and Media (ICM) start-ups, SMEs and larger companies. Problem Solvers should have the ability and desire to co-create and innovate with Problem Owners or/and other partners to translate their ideas into solutions that can address real business needs. 

Global solvers may apply for challenges on the OIP. However, from time to time, some Problem Owners may require applicants to have a physical presence in Singapore in order to perform a demonstration of the Proof-of-Concept or Prototype. Global applicants must be prepared to bear the additional cost of travel. Applicants are encouraged to check the respective challenges if there are such requirements before applying.

Further Details

Technical details of the problem statements as well as information related to the innovation calls can be found on the IMDA Open Innovation Platform (OIP) which you will be redirected to after clicking on the 'Proceed To Details' button below and filling up a short form with your basic information.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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