Seeking Proposals for Non-fat Coating Syrup and Binder Syrup

Background / Description

The technology seeker is interested in understanding if a no added sugar, no added fat coating syrup and binder syrup can be developed. Sugar alcohols and allulose are not allowed for this project. Organoleptic properties should be as close to control samples as possible (recipe provided) and should be scale-up feasible.

Consumer demand for a clean, nutritious product together with increasing food standard regulations has prompted the company to seek a no added sugar, no added fat, clean label, coating and binding syrup. The syrup is to be used in the production of their cold form cereal bars and granola products.


Technical Specifications

Key Success Criteria

Must Haves:

  • Prototypes (see Prototype Deliverables) as follows:
    • Goal is to match texture of control formulations
    • Show control samples with prototypes
    • Acceptable for consumption (all ingredients should be food grade and product should be produced using Good Manufacturing Protocols)
  • One or both syrup formats to be developed and shown in one prototype a piece
    • Coating Syrups that will have a drying step applied (granola like product)
    • Binder Syrups that will need to hold a bar shape without a baking/drying step (cold-form cereal bar)
    • No flavors, inclusions, confectionary to be added to prototypes
  • Ingredient list and formulation

It is expected that the prototypes will need flavor work which is outside the scope of this project.

Prototype Deliverables

Prototypes must meet the following requirements:

  • Clean label ingredients as defined by Whole Foods Unacceptable Ingredients for Food list. In addition, do not use sugar alcohols or allulose for purposes of this brief.

Nice to Haves:

  • Sweetness provided by the binder system is a nice to have but not mandatory.
  • Measure all target attributes (see Appendix for Target Attributes)

Possible Approaches:

The technology seeker will consider a solution to either the Coating or Binding Syrup in lieu of both.

Success Criteria:

Prototypes should meet the following criteria

  • Texture as close as possible to control (formula in Appendix)
  • Must deliver on prototype criteria


  • Prototypes should meet an ambient temperature 6months shelf-life (full shelf-life testing out of scope of this timeline).

Preferred Collaboration type


What we are not interested in

  • No added sodium
  • No added flavor, seasoning, spice, high-intensity sweetener (stevia, monk fruit, sucralose, etc.)
  • No added fat: solid or liquid fats added to food during processing or ingredients where fat is added to them
    • Ingredients to avoid: vegetable oil, shortening, partially hydrogenated oils, nut butter (with added fat) etc.
  • No added sugar defined as: mono and di-saccharides added to food during processing
    • Ingredients to avoid: honey, sugar, brown sugar, molasses, and any cereal or sugar-based syrup

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)
  • Others

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