Seeking Rehabilitation Partners to Co-Develop and Trial AI-driven Serious Games for Elderly Care

Background / Description

The Singapore company aspires to be the market leader in Artificial Intelligence-driven Serious Games for Elderly Healthcare. The company is currently serving two of the three government clusters of hospitals in Singapore, providing solutions in critical care coordination and epidemiology surveillance. It has reach in ASEAN and beyond.

The company believes AI-driven healthcare-game solutions that can motivate and engage elderly and stroke patients to adhere to their rehabilitation treatment in clinics and extends to their homes, will be well accepted.  

Its homegrown AI infrastructure will enable the company to process all gameplay data streams, systematically tune the AI algorithm and extract knowledge intelligence, such as predictive sentinel factors of stroke or falls. To significantly expand the gameplay data set, the company seeks rehabilitation provider partnerships both in United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU) to carrying out joint community research with stakeholders to accelerate and establish local recognition and acceptance, while sharing in their result of new innovations in rehabilitating delivery models. 

They are on the lookout for suitable partners to submit joint R&D project proposals in the competitive EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call. Potential partners eligible to take part in the 2nd EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call must be from one of 14 participating countries, fitting their funding agencies' funding criteria.

Technical Specifications

The company proposed to use their core Rehab-Game technology as the engine for the next generation of AI-driven serious games for Rehabilitation. The core technology uses a 3D camera coupled with therapeutically focused games for seniors to use as part of their physiotherapy programs, thus providing a fun environment, while challenging for routine therapy. The core version of the rehab-games is tested for market readiness. The company is proposing to augment this core technology with AI to be able to automate the adjustment of daily elderly exercise plans so as to enhance motivation and engagement.

The end goal of this new algorithm is to be able to predict elderly falls well in advance and create an intervention plan as part of Healthy Aging.

The company is looking for partners in UK and EU who might be from the Physiotherapy Department of Health Systems, Medical Schools, Hospital to Center or an Elder Care facility with an interest in using new technologies for R&D of innovative rehab care delivery models. They are exploring ideal access to co-research environment of 1000 - 2000 test participants, within 2 years, that will use the serious game's technology across both Asian and Caucasian populations to validate the universal application of their AI algorithms.

The potential partner(s) will be contributing to this project through their domain expertise (medical/health), with access to sample population for data collection and validation of proposed technology. The potential partner(s) will be able to tap on results of this research collaboration to further support their businesses.


Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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