Seeking Research Collaborations and Research Tools for Cannabinoid and Related Compounds

Background / Description

IPI is working with our Open Innovation partner from UK to identify and engage with recognised scientists, research organisations and research tools working in the cannabinoid (and related compounds) global market.

The client has established various product brands serving the consumer lifestyle market and is investigating the development of a range of cannabinoid-based products for use in health and lifestyle applications. With an increasing number of products based on this group of compounds derived from the cannabis (hemp) plant, the client has a particular focus on those targeted for consumers directly (rather than for medicinal applications). Whilst CBD is a well-known cannabinoid, there are a host of additional compounds naturally present in the plant which are thought to contribute to an efficacious final product. Products commonly target different end effects such as pain/inflammation, relaxation, and promote sensory enjoyment, but claims are often based on anecdotal evidence and lacking established scientific knowledge or relevant data sets to support the product’s effective use. Consumers are beginning to question the validity of such product claims, and companies such as our client seek the fundamental science knowledge to support their future product development initiatives and claims.

The client is continually seeking to ensure their products are based on established science, and therefore wishes to identify and engage with recognised scientists, research organisations and research tools working in the cannabinoid (and related compounds) global market. Their aim is to identify potential partners able to inform and assist in building their fundamental knowledge in this area and provide a network of experts to work with in supporting their ongoing product development activities.

The client company has extensive research and development capabilities, underpinned by robust laboratory and quality control processes, ensuring it can research, develop and commercialise an ongoing pipeline of products for its customer base. This activity requires ongoing collaboration and excellent working relationships with partners of all sizes, for which the client can offer an established process to engage with potential partners.

Technical Specifications

The following areas are of particular interest to understand: -

Fundamental Cannabinoid/terpene/terpenoid chemistry and characterisation, including:

  • Compound solubility, stability (e.g. oxidation/thermal degradation), and/or formulation across multiple routes of administration (i.e. buccal, transdermal, inhalation, ingestion, etc.)
  • Flavour and cannabinoid / terpene compound interactions across multiple routes of administration

Cannabinoid efficacy and safety for specific benefits to humans, e.g. on mood (calming/relaxation) or cognition (focus/attention), including:

  • Pharmacology (including assessment of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics across different routes of administration
  • Biochemistry (receptor binding, mode of action & downstream signalling)
  • Additive / synergistic effects of bespoke cannabinoid / terpene mixtures (i.e. the entourage effect)
  • Pre-clinical tools (e.g. in silico / in vitro) to screen for efficacy of individual compounds / mixtures
  • Pre-clinical/predictive tools to de-risk (safety) cannabinoid compounds / mixtures for in-vivo / human evaluation
  • Neuroscience or behavioural science approaches and tools to evaluate consumer perception, preference, and emotional response to cannabinoid products

All potential partners should be able to demonstrate their capability and experience in one or more of the above areas. Evidence of relevant scientific knowledge by way of patents, publications, or established work programs is essential.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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