Seeking Singapore Partner to Expedite Research on Perovskite and Perovskite Solar Cell Manufacturing

Background / Description

The Canadian clean technology company is focused on the R&D of processes for advanced materials, including perovskite crystals for solar harvesting. The aim is to develop a novel solar energy harvesting technology that can be used for innovative new products that help users achieve zero greenhouse gas emission targets, such as window coverings to generate electricity from behind a window. 

The company is seeking to partner Singapore companies with expertise in the solar cell, energy distribution or energy storage space, to expedite the research on perovskite and perovskite solar cell manufacturing. The Singapore company should be focused on any process of solar cell manufacturing and testing at any level, including R&D, manufacturing and scaling up. 

The company is on the lookout for suitable partners to submit joint R&D project proposals in the competitive EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call. Potential partners eligible to take part in the 2nd EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call must be from one of 14 participating countries, fitting their funding agencies' funding criteria.

Technical Specifications

The company is seeking partners to collaborate in any part of the solar cell value chain – from the R&D of the basic components of the solar cell, to the design, installation, testing and deployment of solar energy grids. 

In terms of research, the Singapore partner sought should help to increase the energy conversion efficiency, and to improve the lifetime and encapsulation of perovskite solar cells.  

In the area of manufacturing and scaleup of the project, the Singapore partner should be able to assist with scaling up the fabrication process of perovskite solar cells from lab size to industrial size, while keeping the energy conversion efficiency and stability of the perovskite solar cells high. The partner does not need to have R&D or manufacturing personnel and facilities in Singapore, but has access and permission to use the manufacturing facilities for this project in or outside Singapore.

The target markets for this technology are:

  • Perovskite: Solar cell manufacturers in Asia-Pacific and North America
  • Photovoltaic blinds: Commercial and residential building tenants in North America

Currently, the company is working to identify difficulties and find solutions for scaling up the manufacturing process for perovskite and energy storage and distribution for perovskite solar cells. 

The company is also developing a manufacturing process to replace silicon, the current solar cell material, with perovskite. This would enable the use of solar cells for applications that require flexible solar panels with lower manufacturing and installation costs, such as window coverings that can harvest solar energy and generate electricity.

The proposed projects include but are not limited to the following:

  • Scale up the fabrication process for perovskite while keeping the energy conversion efficiency high
  • Enhance the stability of perovskite film
  • Test the prototypes in controlled and/or operational environment
  • Roll-to-roll or other manufacturing processes that allow fabricating metre-sized perovskite films
  • Material selection and technology for encapsulating metre-size perovskite
  • Material selection and technology for replacing gold electrodes (small and large size)
  • Select and implement technology for perovskite solar cell energy storage and distribution

The company is aware that each of these projects requires a team of engineers and scientists, and is open to discussion on whether resources are needed to supplement that of the Singapore partner.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration

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