Seeking Smart Image-Based E-Service Platform

Background / Description

The Open Innovation Platform (OIP), an initiative by the Info-Communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA), aims to connect real business challenges to problem solvers. 


BetaMovement is a company that specialises in User Experience and provides consultancy services, it strives to provide a next level of user experience through image recognition to manage IoT sensors and devices especially in the F&B and Retail sectors.
Currently, it is difficult for SMEs in F&B and Retail businesses to create the new kind of connected experience with their existing number of siloed services, and the effort required to overcome the siloes, and connect them via API is still considerable.
For example, an F&B operator would have to track and manage the stocks on certain times of the day, called in on various applications or hassle over various operational methods for replenishments while handling business operations. The decision to re-order the product is made too late, resulting in a time lag between stock finishing and the arrival of new stock. This results in lost business by clients as they are unable to meet their customer demand when awaiting the arrival of stocks.
BetaMovement is searching for a smart platform solution that can serve as an API-driven e-services marketplace that can host an ecosystem of microservices that F&B and Retail companies can tap on easily through an image.
Through the image a F&B or Retail operator could track and replenish stocks, check product information, manage devices’ performance, manipulate other devices like aircon, lights and music without the need of multiple remote controls and applications.
Allowing SMEs to easily monitor assets, streamline purchasing, reduce inventory and minimise equipment maintenance costs.



How might we create a smart, secure and scalable platform using image based detection to connect, control and deliver a new kind of experience within social networks for the F&B and Retail sectors in Singapore?

Technical Specifications


We want a prototype of an e-service platform that can:
• Incorporate any 3rd party API (with appropriate security control and approval) to create a marketplace of microservices for F&B or retail businesses
• Enable people to add their own APIs on-demand and over time
• Enable people without extensive programming capability to quickly and easily connect and create mini-programs that are linked to objects seen or detected in the images

• Enable users to contextually understand and identify typical objects relating to F&B or Retail context (e.g. consumer goods and equipment within a shop)
• Communicate the outcome from the mini-program to IoT devices
• Ability to predict outcomes and recommend actions (e.g. sales, order pattern) that enable an admin with dashboard of the e-service platform to access the 3rd party APIs and easily setup, modify and manage them, with through performance and utilisation reports
• Use components (like Github or Google Cloud Vision) that are accessible, affordable and facilitate an open platform



B2B scenario – A café owner takes a photo of his store. He proceeds to tag the different objects in the image (e.g. coffee machine, milk cartons, bread, and merchandise like coffee cups gift set). He can then re-order depleting products from the supplier with a simple tap on the different objects in the image.


• SGD 30,000 of prize money for each winner of this challenge (see Award Model)
• Opportunity to co-innovate with a dynamic start-up with access to resources (data and tech consultancy, expertise in UX) for development of the prototype
Access to Beta Movement’s base of customers and partners (e.g. F&B operators & suppliers), and potential partnership to build recurring



We are open to global and Singapore-based individuals, research providers and companies that have digital technology expertise and innovation capabilities. Some of these include Info-Comm and Media (ICM) start-ups, SMEs and larger companies. Problem Solvers should have the ability and desire to co-create and innovate with Problem Owners or/and other partners to translate their ideas into solutions that can address real business needs. 

There are no restrictions on the geographic location of the problem solvers who may choose to apply to this challenge. However, the prototype needs to be demonstrated in Singapore. Global applicants must be prepared to bear the additional cost of travel.

Further Details

Technical details of the problem statements as well as information related to the innovation calls can be found on the IMDA Open Innovation Platform (OIP) which you will be redirected to after clicking on the 'Proceed To Details' button below and filling up a short form with your basic information.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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