Seeking Snack Ingredients that Promote Well-Being

Background / Description

Globally, consumers are increasingly aware of the role that food plays in health, becoming more conscious of how food—including snacks—can affect their emotional well-being and physical health. 

Eating well helps our general health and reduces the risk of physical health problems like heart disease and diabetes. What we eat also has the ability to lift our mood, energy levels and concentration.

As such, food has become closely linked to well-being, where the well-being food concept is defined as a positive psychological, physical, emotional, and social relationship with food at both individual and societal levels. 

A company is seeking technologies or ingredient options to produce snacks that deliver a sense of emotional and physical well-being to consumers. This technology or ingredient should make nutritious foods taste delicious, instead of making the delicious-tasting foods more healthy.

Technical Specifications

This technology or ingredient should help to produce tasty and nutritious food. In addition, it should have the following: 

  • Validated health claims for weight management, ability to improve cognitive performance, etc. 
  • Applicability to mainstream snack product matrices, such as biscuits, chocolate, gum & candy
  • Clean label, with no artificial flavours, preservatives or colorants

What we are not interested in

We are not interested in the following: 

  • Ingredients that are commercially available from large vendors
  • Solutions or ingredients with artificial flavours, preservatives or colorants
  • Health states or health status that would require medical care

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • IP Acquisition
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)
  • Others

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