Seeking Software Capabilities to Enhance Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Drone

Background / Description

A Singapore clean energy company that specialises in Hydrogen fuel cell systems for Aerospace and Mobility applications has developed an award winning, long endurance multi-rotor drone capable of flying up to 120 minutes. The company has taken extensive measures to ensure the airworthiness of the flying platform and the reliability of the power system, and are now looking for technology partners to enhance the software capabilities of the drone.

Technical Specifications

The technology partner should ideally fit one or more of the following profiles and capabilities:

  • UAV payload manufacturer: robust, miniaturised, power efficient EO/IR (Electro-Optical/Infra-Red) imaging systems, electromagnetic scanners, parcel carrying and drop mechanism, or any other high value payloads.
  • Drone sensors, communications and peripherals manufacturer: obstacle avoidance LiDAR, long distance transmission, video live streaming, SLAM, cloud connectivity etc.
  • Drone software developer: mapping, inspection, tree counting, stockpile measurement, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, GUI and post-processing capabilities etc.
  • Drone service provider: payload system integration and manual piloting capabilities etc.

Ideally, the partner already has an industrial use-case and can see benefits of using a long endurance, long distance Hydrogen fuel cell drone to increase productivity and mission capability.

What we are not interested in

Heavy duty (>5kg) parcel carrying application - as the Hydrogen fuel cell drone is not designed for heavy lifting. The ideal application is long distance or persistent surveillance and inspection applications carrying a 1-2kg camera/sensor payload.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing

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