Seeking Solutions For Intelligent Web Crawler

Background / Description

Enterprise Singapore (ESG) manages an online tech startup database known as Startup SG Network (SSN) to:

  • Strengthen linkages among the players within the tech startup ecosystem;
  • Become a one-stop portal for information and data for startups, investors and accelerators; and
  • Be the key source of data to draw insights and monitor growth of Singapore’s startup ecosystem.

In order to effectively fulfil the objectives of SSN, the information on SSN needs to be constantly updated with the latest developments in the ecosystem. To establish SSN as the trusted source of information for startups and investors to facilitate partnership and investment opportunities, ensuring that data is accurate and reliable is imperative.

Hence, ESG would like to explore opportunities to harness innovative technologies to automate the data collection and curation for all entities on the SSN platform.

Technical Specifications


This Outcome Based Procurement (OBP) seeks to invite interested Tenderer(s) to submit a design proposal for a solution that addresses the following scope:

  • Extract and provide continual updates to the data points defined by ESG for all entities on SSN from trusted online structured or unstructured sources using, but not limited to, Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.
  • Conduct data exchange and integrate with, but not limited to, SSN.
  • Improve accuracy of the data points updates based on user feedback via machine learning.
  • Achieve 80% accuracy rate upon production deployment.
  • Produce curation of insights

Development Timeline

  • This OBP comprises two stages, namely Pilot Trial and Full Implementation (Final Award).
  • Depending on the evaluation assessment of the submitted proposals, ESG may select up to two (2) Tenderers to conduct the Pilot Trial.
  • Upon completion of Pilot Trial, and depending on the evaluation assessment of this trial, ESG has the option to extend the project to Full Implementation phase.


A prize money of S$ 50,000 will be given to each shortlisted Tenderer for Pilot Trial.


Submission close on 28 Feb 2020 (Friday), 4pm (Singapore time). Please read all documents on the challenge portal before making your submission.

There will be a briefing session conducted via video conferencing on the 10 Feb 2020 (Monday) at 8.30 am (Singapore time). Please find the instructions for dialling into the video conference at Gov-PACT portal

In case of any discrepancy, the Gov-PACT portal shall be taken as the most updated source.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration

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