Seeking Taste-masking Technologies/Ingredients/Processes for Orally-ingested Bioactives

Background / Description

IPI is working with our Open Innovation partner from UK to source for Taste-making Technologies/Ingredients/Processes for Orally-ingested Bioactives.

They are working with a manufacturer of consumer products utilising a range of natural and synthetic, functional compounds. Many bioactive compounds (such as stimulants, relaxants, enhancers and analgesics) used in nutritional supplements, functional food and beverages, pharmaceutical products and lifestyle products have an unpleasant, strong or bitter taste, or perhaps just an unwanted taste that manufacturers wish to mask for consumers. Additionally, manufacturers are increasingly looking for innovative ways for consumers and patients to benefit from improved performance and efficacy of these compounds. Innovative delivery mechanisms for orally administered drugs, stimulants and other beneficial molecules can provide benefits such as faster absorption, mask taste/odour, increase bio-absorption and avoid first pass liver metabolism. Ultimately this leads to a wider range of dosing options, improved patient compliance, lower overall dosing and increased efficacy.

Technical Specifications

The client is searching for innovative technologies / ingredients / processes to mask the bitter, strong or unpleasant taste of compounds used in buccal and ingestible product formats, and improve the bioavailability of some poorly absorbed ingredients. They are interested in innovative delivery mechanism solutions:-

For bioactives used in various formats:

- Food/ beverages

- Tablets, capsules, films, gels

- Suspensions / liquids / sprays

- Sublingual / buccal (oral mucusa)

- Nasal delivery

For bioactive molecules such as:

- Vitamins and functional supplements

- Stimulants and enhancers (e.g. nicotine, caffeine)

- Therapeutic drugs and NSAIDs

- Natural pain relief (e.g. cannabinoids)

- Sedative and muscle relaxants (e.g. melatonin)

For platform technologies / solutions to:

- Eliminate the strong taste/odour of compounds to make more palatable

- Increase the bioavailability of difficult to deliver drugs, stimulants, etc.

- Allow reformulation of compounds

- Replace the use of sweeteners or chemical masking agents

- Control the release (e.g. extended) of above bioactives

Our client is keen to identify organisations they can work with to provide a portfolio of technologies for current and future products, covering a wide range of compounds and final product forms. Therefore technologies with true platform capability (with appropriate intellectual property) are of most interest. Those with samples available for testing are particularly interesting, however the client is interested to view opportunities at all stages of commercialisation - technology partners should be able to demonstrate at least proof of concept as a minimum.

The client is an established company with extensive research and development capabilities, with global manufacturing operations, able to develop and test new product forms. They can offer joint development capabilities for suitable technologies, and represent an excellent route to new markets for those commercialising appropriate technology. They are open to consider any type of collaboration, including supply only, licensing, joint venture and investment, and are keen to initiate conversations with suitable partners

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • IP Acquisition
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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