Seeking Technologies and Expertise for Development of Epoxy Solder Pastes

Background / Description

A Singapore company that provides soldering and bonding solutions to electronics companies is seeking technologies and/or technology partners with the relevant expertise to co-develop epoxy solder pastes. With growing demand for flexible printed circuits and rigid-flex circuits, the market is seeing new generations of materials being used. A shift in how soldering and bonding will be done is also necessary in order to meet the respective product requirements.

To meet these new requirements, the company is looking to develop new epoxy solder paste formulations as an alternative bonding material. This new bonding material can be applied to soldering components, including flexible circuits, display panels and other electronics component manufacturing.

Technical Specifications

The desired technical specifications of the epoxy solder paste are as follows:
1) The flux and epoxy chemistries must be able to withstand the reflow process of 250⁰C.
2) The epoxy residue will need to meet the minimum SIR (Surface Insulation Resistance) reading as set forth in the IPC J-STD 004 requirement.
3) The performance of the bonding strength of the epoxy encapsulation must be at least 10% more than the company’s existing product.

The relevant technology partner should be knowledgeable in flux and epoxy chemistries, with experience in chemical processing.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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