Seeking Technologies to Identify Transformative Materials that Promote Anti-Aging

Background / Description

An American MNC is seeking technologies to identify transformative materials that can promote dermal or tissue regeneration (e.g., in gums, face, body, vaginal walls) in the aging population. Technology or materials should be able to maintain healthy skin homeostasis and promote desirable skin feel to address consumer tensions. The intended use is in cosmetic formulations although other applications may follow. 


Technical Specifications

Potential technologies include the following:

  • High‐throughput, high‐content image based mono‐culture screening technologies for identification of desired cell states (e.g., active ECM producing Fibroblasts or Keratinocytes with improved barrier function)
  • Big (Omics) data analytics for identifying biomolecular targets for regulation of predetermined biological functions (e.g., up-regulation of collagen, inhibition of inflammatory cytokines)
  • Mechanistic models (e.g., linking skin biology to biomechanics, for determining target biological processes that can improve mechanical properties of skin, to positive consumer perceptions)
  • Skin penetration model/sub-model, that allows inputs for chemical and local features such as geometry and composition, and outputs for local transport properties
  • Technologies to measure cellular mechanical properties such as adhesion (e.g. atomic force microscopy) and Young’s modulus
  • Technologies in histology and high‐resolution imaging
  • In-vivo 3D tissue imaging with cellular resolution
  • In vivo mechanical measure of skin
  • Dynamic cellular imaging
  • Relevant compound libraries

The safety of materials/technologies has to be demonstrated. The technology seeker prefers patented technology with freedom-to-practice. 

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • IP Acquisition
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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