Seeking Technologies for Retrofitting Existing Process Ovens to Achieve Energy Savings

Background / Description

The technology seeker has several small and large industrial process ovens used in their plant, ranging from 0.8 cubic meter to 27.3 cubic meter. These ovens are identified as one of their plant’s largest energy consumers. Hence, they are seeking technologies that can be retrofitted to these ovens, for improving their energy efficiency and/or saving on electricity usage.

Technical Specifications

The technology seeker is looking at storing/conserving thermal energy from the ovens during batch processing, so that there is no need to re-heat the ovens again in the next cycle. The end-use environment is in an indoor air-conditioned factory environment.

The technologies sought should ideally:

  • Offer capabilities to improve energy efficiency and/or electricity usage of the ovens (e.g. thermal energy storage system) 
  • Function at operating temperature of the ovens, typically within the range of 190 °C – 300 °C
  • Meet relevant industry standards in relation to industrial ovens and related operations- AMS 2750, ASTM E220, NFPA 86

Preferred Business Model

  • Licensing

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