Seeking Technology Partners to Build the Future of Content Distribution in the Smart City Era

Background / Description

We are an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) technology provider from Spain,  which has been developing and implementing interactive and connectivity solutions that enhance the guest experience Since 2006.

We support our client’s projects and make them unique, so that they can offer their end users the best experience thanks to our collaborative platform: IPTV technology, interactive services, connectivity and entertainment. Our IPTV system for hotels is a powerful technological solution that transforms televisions and mobile devices into interactive platforms of communication, promotion, sales and entertainment. Our technology allows the transmission of video signals through IP protocol by coaxial cable, Ethernet, WiFi and Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON).

Thanks to our strategy of R&D re-investment, we have progressively evolved towards cloud services for the mass market, end-user IoT and multiplatform devices, as well as a new generation of apps.

We are working closely with strategic partners in different areas including TV manufacturers (Philips, LG, SAMSUNG), Content (Filmbank, UIP), IT Players (Google, Oracle), and actively participating in Hospitality & Collaborative Forums.

We are seeking R&D partners to develop a virtual Smart City, able to offer services, health, education and leisure to the citizen in a non-intrusive way. These include City Care concepts such as Digital Rights Management, Digital Detox, Children & Elder Care.

Technical Specifications

Expected R&D Activity During the Project

Our Smart Platform R&D activity will focus on yearly deliverables suitable for migrating current hospitality concept into a city-wide concept. Machine Learning and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) would be key to further understand current business scenarios to massive usage.


R&D Focus Areas

Our R&D activity will focus on four areas to consolidate deliverables at the end of each fiscal year, so that learnings & services could be piloted, and also new fiscal year objectives could be reviewed in order to maximize R&D effort to guarantee business success.

Our R&D activity will focus on:

  1. Cast: access from service providers to final users.
  2. Apps: availability in any device.
  3. Connectivity | WiFi:  Internet from the main IP nodes deployed by telecom operators.
  4. Cloud: computational capacity to access to service providers, no matter the size & tech capabilities.

The need for such a new development is to create a Smart Digital City that understands people, no matter where they live, work or visit.


R&D Capabilities Sought from Potential Partners

We are looking for of R&D partners to develop and deploy this concept, and are happy to collaborate with tech companies, as well as business model and scenario owners. We are seeking partners able to modify / upgrade already existing technology, in order to lead the migration of high tech into a new virtual city concept. Examples of desired profiles of R&D partners and tasks are as follows:

  1. Cloud technology companies to collaborate on the development of the required infrastructure to host our smart software.
  2. Software / Applications / User Experience and Interaction developers to build the user interface platform to facilitate adoption. Software or app developers would enhance and further strengthen our core & vision, thanks to modular integration of new functionalities.
  3. Hardware designers that could define new paradigms in terms of Internet of Things (IoT) devices vs human interface.
  4. Urban Infrastructure owners in areas such as communications, mobility, buildings, condominium or open areas, that would be interested in expanding the concept and provide new business scenarios.
  5. Services owners interested on migrating their services to a Smart City enhanced by our concept.


We would like to know the expertise, interests and vision of potential partners, in order to shape the collaboration framework.

Additional desired capabilities from partners:

  • Experienced R&D team.
  • Hardware / Software / Services / Infrastructure owners, ready to modify and deploy new concepts.
  • Proven capacity of data integration and technologies, for integration and migration processes.
  • Able to define city scenarios that could be a successful business in the short and long term.
  • Able to lead business development and commercial offers, so that Return on Investment (ROI) can come from the very first deliverables at the end of each milestone, from the pilots implemented.
  • Able to install our smart deliverables in their own facilities, in order to showcase to potential customers and demonstrate the benefits of a massive deployment.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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