Seeking Video Analytics Solutions for Automated Assessment of Role-Play Learning

Background / Description

Role-Play is one of the key instructional methods to engage learners in procedural and action learning as well as a method for assessment of competence. The role-play allows learners to rehearse and manage the learning through reinforcement and reviews (personal, peer and/or tutor).

At present, the role-play is recorded and uploaded into a system developed by ICE. This current system allows recorded videos (role-play) to be uploaded to the dedicated server, assigned to appropriate standards of comparison (e.g. sales protocol). Thereafter, the task to review the video is done manually and assigned to the role-play learner(s), peers and respective tutors. The review can be subject to biases, as learners tend to hold personal views of fellow learners in the role-play, giving a non-objective appraisal. Similarly, the tutor, though more impartial, will succumb to fatigue after reviewing many videos and as a result either grading them more strictly or less as he/she reviews them.

Technical Specifications

The seeker envisages a learning innovation that will help to:

  1. automate the review process of the role-play video, through an unbiased approach;
  2. provide, quantitative and qualitative feedback that engages role-play participants to improve on their performance;
  3. tracks performance of individual role-players by documenting their progress over time, and making corrective suggestions, as well as to alert the tutors for appropriate intervention; and
  4. enable other performance enhancements on top of the potential solution.

The solution shall be able to run on a laptop (to upload the video and effect the automated evaluation of the uploaded video).

Learners shall be able to use their own mobile devices (e.g. mobile phones) to upload the role-play video from anywhere, as long as there is Internet access (or even from their mobile data plan).

The solution shall be able to be hosted on cloud or on the school’s onsite servers.

The solution shall conform to data security best practices to prevent unauthorized access or intrusion.

The solution shall consist of a mobile app solution.

A solution that is capable of:

  1. uploading of the recorded role-playing video;
  2. the video to be evaluated by the system against standards discussed in (3) below and return the results and feedback;
  3. definition of assessment rubrics and procedure sequences;
  4. uploading of videos of learner's demonstration;
  5. informing the trainer of any videos uploaded by the learner;
  6. generation of qualitative and quantitative feedback to the learner; and
  7. generation of report / presenting a dashboard of learners' performance, to the trainer at individual/batch/cohort.

A solution that may be optimised for mobile devices or apps based would be preferred.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • IP Acquisition
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)
  • Others

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