UK National Drug Discovery Technology Centre Seeking Complex Cell Models

Background / Description

Preclinical drug evaluation is hampered by the lack of predictive cellular models of complex disease. Single cell (2D) models have a role in high throughput screening but are recognised as poor predictors of clinical efficacy. 3D, co-culture and organ-on-chip systems offer means by which patient tissues/stem cells may be used to better predict efficacy and select candidate therapeutics. These technologies require industrialisation to be adopted. The global industry has a focus on humanised cell testing systems and the UK has developed a national centre with significant industry and academic expertise at. It seeks collaborations with Singapore scientists who have complex patient-cell in vitro systems in CNS, fibrosis and inflammation. It will work alongside those scientists to help create licensable industry-robust products and services and evaluate Singapore technologies alongside other international techniques to provide global industry with exemplar data that will drive their adoption into routine use.

Technical Specifications

Cell models must be patient derived or stem cell derived. They must be 3D, co-culture or organ-on-chip based. They must seek to emulate diseases of CNS, inflammation or fibrosis. Particular interest in microglial biology.

What we are not interested in

Simple, homogeneous 2D cell models; animal-derived cells or novel animal models

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Others

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