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Seeking Sensors for Petroleum-based Composition Profiling

The petroleum-based matrix composition is a very complex mixture of compounds, consisting of a large number of individual...

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Seeking Solvent-Glyceride Oil Separation Using Membrane Systems

The technology seeker is a Singaporean SME and a manufacturer and exporter of soya bean lecithin powder and...

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Seeking Chemical Technology for Localized Heating Treatment of Non-Conductive Materials

Trace contamination on non-conducting surfaces like leather, fabric, paper and plastic are...

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Seeking Chemical Additives to Prevent Plugging in Pipelines

Flow assurance is relevant for all processes where materials or fluids are pumped through pipelines e.g. blood in veins...

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Seeking Low Temperature Catalytic Technologies for Oxidation of Methane to Carbon Dioxide

Methane is the main component of natural gas and a powerful contributor to climate change...

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