3D Laser-based Road Inspection System

Technology Overview

To avoid the dangers and time investment needed for visual road inspection, we offer a laser-based, high resolution road inspection solution. With this system images are made using laser triangulation at normal traffic speeds (up to 100-120 km/h). With high resolution road inspection, every crack and missing stone can be detected using our algorithms. The software outputs the data in user friendly maintenance plans which can be presented directly to the road authorities. 

Technology Features & Specifications

Laser triangulation system consisting of a high power laser and a high speed and robust camera which can be mounted on every standard small van. With a scanning frequency of several tens of kHz, a resolution in the mm range can be achieved even while driving at 120 km/h. Algorithms process the large amount of data and translate it into maintenance plans for the road authority.

Potential Applications

Potential application includes road condition surveys and preventive road maintenance by the road infrastructure authority or local municipalities and authorities.

Market Trends and Opportunities

In Singapore there was 3500 km road at the end of 2014[1] which are inspected daily, 2 weekly or 2 monthly[2]:

    Expressways – daily - 164 km

    Major roads – every 2 weeks - 1276 km (arterial and collector roads)

    Minor roads – once every 2 months - 2055 km

Customer Benefits

The state of the art road profilers offer lower resolution at lower driving speeds, which limits the inspection to only the larger signs of damage, while hindering the other road users. By increasing both the frame rate and resolution, our system can detect every small hole or crack in the road while driving at the same speed as the surrounding traffic.

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