3D Mesh Simplification Tool

Technology Overview

Our technology is a simple to use tool for textured 3D mesh simplification. The mesh can be simplified to any level desired by the user. Both the geometry and texture quality are automatically best preserved. No trade-off decision from the user is required. The simplified mesh is guaranteed to be seam free.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our 3D mesh simplification technology has the following features:

  • Easy to use.
    •  The user only need to specify the target number of remaining triangles.
  •  Accurate.
    •  Both the geometry and texture quality are best preserved.
  • Seamless mesh.
    • Our technology automatically addresses the texture seam problem. The simplified mesh is guarantee to be seam free without any user input.

Potential Applications

Our 3D mesh simplification technology can be used to simplify any texture mesh ranging from 3D Scanning to Gaming and Visual Effects (VFX) purposes.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Mesh simplification can be widely used in many areas like 3D scanning, game development and Visual Effects (VFX) purposes. Small and high quality meshes are in high demand. Many ongoing online 3D projects such as Virtual Singapore have stringent constraints to the maximum number of triangles for each model. Our technology provides a simple way to meet such a requirement.

Customer Benefits

Our technology is very easy to use, with minimum input by the user. The only required parameter is the target number of remaining triangles in the desired mesh. The tool will automatically determine the trade-off between geometry and texture quality. The mesh can be simplified to any level required by the user.

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