3i-Filter - Layer 7 DPI Packet Content Finder and Filtering for Cyber Security & Cyber Intelligence

Technology Overview

The 3i-Filter (L7 DPI Packet Content Filtering System)allows large-scale real-time deep packet inspection and filtering on multiple 10/100Gbps links based on object, REGEX pattern(such as text string, keywords, account, ID, email, usernameetc...) and signature detection. It accesses and delivers traffic from one or more full-duplex networks to multiple network intelligence tools such as Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Protection System (IPS), Virus and Malware Analyzer, andData Lost Protection (DLP) for security and protectionpurposes. Our L7 Application Protocol Decoder and Recontruction Systemprovides compliant and tactical searches for authorised lawful interception (LI), fraud prevention, and other sensitive parameters.

Technology Features & Specifications

The L7 DPI Packet Content Filtering System iscapable of providing full packet finding/filtering (entire session including handshakes - SYN, SYN ACK and FIN and content packets) based on regular expression and L7 protocols such as following: Routing/Packet headers (IP address, MAC and/or port); Object, REGEX Pattern, Signature(e.g. keywords, usernames, email accounts, IM accounts, national ID, any regex pattern etc..); Type of L7 application/protocols such as POP3, SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, SIP, RTP, FTP, P2P, VIDEO etc...; RADIUS identifiers (if any such as PPPOE/PPPOA Username and Password); MPLS, VLAN and PPPOE/PPPOA Stripping and Tagging; Support both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic types. User and Case Mangement for different Authorized User Levels

Potential Applications

Lawful Interception (LI) where Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) has specific target or suspect, topics or incidents to monitor and investigate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) forpolicy definition and enforcement, targeted advertising, quality of service, offering tiered services and copyright enforcement. ISPs to gather statistical information about use patterns by user group.

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