60GHz Compact Radar for Vital Signs Monitoring

Technology Overview

This technology offer is a 60GHz compact radar, which is the smallest in the world. The radar is able to detect the respiration rate and heart of occupants, thereby giving it a broad range of possible applications such as contactless vital signs monitoring and people counting. It can be used inside vehicles to perform:

  • ROA (Rear Occupancy Alerts)
  • DMS (Driver Monitoring System)

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology owner is capable of delivering end-to-end radar solutions, where all the activities such as system design, hardware and firmware/software development are managed in-house. 

The following are the key technical specifications for this vital signs monitoring 60GHz compact radar:

Frequency:                  60 GHz

Vital Signs:                  Respiration Rate, Heart Rate

Resolution:                  2.5 cm

Cycle Time:                 50 ms

Detection Range:        0.1 m – 5 m

Motion:                        Gesture Detection, Fall Detection

Field of View:              +/- 65°

Potential Applications

This compact radar allows the checking of health conditions by reading vital signs like respiration and heart-rate without having to wear any devices. It can be applied in numerous fields and use cases such as in hospitals, elderly care centres, prisons and vehicles, for occupancy detection/people counting, gesture recognition and vital signs monitoring.

Customer Benefits

  • Vital signs monitoring from a distance, without needing to wear any detection devices.
  • Privacy in people counting/occupancy detection as identifiable features are not captured.
  • Non-intrusive during use

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