Acoustic Shearography for Nondestructive Testing

Technology Overview

Acoustic shearography technology developed in IMRE is a non-destructive testing (NDT) technique by integrating laser shearography with acoustic transducer technology. The technology extends the application of shearography technique to NDT of thick (>=10 mm) metallic structures and composite materials, while conventional shearography techniques can only be used for thin composite materials.

By employing phased array transducer technology, directed acoustic shearography is demonstrated which significantly enhances the detection sensitivity and detection depth of shearography method. This technology has combined advantages of fast and full-field imaging of shearography and deep penetration of acoustic waves. The technology is suitable for fast inspection of materials and structures and has broad applications in NDT in aerospace, marine & offshore or general infrastructures.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Fast non-destructive imaging of defects in materials and structures in seconds
  • Detection of surface and deep sub-surface (≥ 10 mm) defects in metals and composites
  • Full-field and direct visualization of defects without the need of reference data
  • Various acoustic wave modalities target for specific defects and materials
  • No limitation on types of materials: metals, composites, ceramics, etc.
  • No limitation on types of defects: cracks, voids, delamination, etc.
  • Low cost compared to other imaging methods such as X-Ray CT

Potential Applications

  • The technology is useful for non-destructive testing where quick inspection over a large area is required:
    • Aerospace, marine and offshore and general infrastructural materials and structures
  • The technology is also suitable for targeted detection at specific locations, such as detection of cracks around fastener holes
  • As the technology has no limitation to the types of materials, both metallic and composites materials and structures can be inspected by this technology

Customer Benefits

  • Real time, quick inspection (in seconds) over large areas (~m2)
  • Operator-friendly as defects are directly visualized without reference to baseline data

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