Actionable Multi-Camera Live Video Streaming

Technology Overview

We bring a new dimension into an entire live video streaming ecosystem.

Presenters can upload any number of camera sources at any location through our cloud network where they are able to manage their own camera views, channels, contents and viewers. Within our cloud technology, we are able to bring actionable insights between presenters and viewers with 3 key elements:

  • Interaction: Presenters can setup any number of public or private chatrooms and dialogues to interact with viewers
  • Engagement: Presenters can post quiz, survey and feedback call-to-action anytime
  • Transaction: Presenters can push micro-transactions to viewers to make online purchases.

These 3 elements can happen right within the video stream in any web browser or App without any 3rd party add-ons.

Viewers are able to change their camera views independently and "Interact, Engage and Transact" with the presenter directly. Our cloud network works with leading content delivery partners and are able to scale the video delivery to a worldwide audience.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology encompass the whole video streaming production chain from capture to distribution: 

  • Capture: Video capture box to upstream to our cloud, available in desktop PC form factor or portable, mountable attachment on commercial cameras.
  • Encode: Proprietary "Elastic Streaming" technology to compress and decompress digital video transmission.
  • Produce: Web or App based cloud interface to set up and manage video inputs, channels, content and viewers
  • Action: Interaction, Engagement and Transactions within video streaming without 3rd party add-ons.
  • Distribute: Integrate with global content delivery network partners to bring video streaming to any viewer world-wide.

Potential Applications

Businesses and their consumers that utilise video for communication will be introduced to new methods of interaction not found in conventional live streaming. These sectors include entertainment, education, hospitality, worship, e-commerce, surveillance, including untapped areas where live streaming communications connect the ecosystem.

Businesses can utilise our system as a turnkey Video-based Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) to upload, process and broadcast their events. For example, a product launch webcast to a public audience.

We also provide a white-labelled Video-based software platform to handle video-centric content within an application. It allows for integration and customisation to enhance the user experience. For example, a live video streaming classroom within a Learning Management System.

Customer Benefits

Conventional Live Video Streaming typically allows one camera view from presenter to viewers. For multiple camera views, they will require 3rd party add-ons to stitch multiple camera streams together. Our system allows any number of camera views simultaneously and selectable by the viewers. 

Interaction in conventional Live Video Streaming is also limited to basic chat functions, requiring 3rd party Apps to perform other methods of interaction. Our system's built-in Actionable Insights include chat, dialogue, quiz, micro-transactions, all running natively within the multiple video streams without 3rd party Apps or Add-ons.

These benefits change conventional Live Video Streaming, enabling unprecedented methods of engagement between presenters and viewers.

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