Active Location Tracking

Technology Overview

Our Active Location Tracking™system is ideal for realtime tracking of people movement and asset movement within facilities and campuses. With it's long range and wide area coverage, theActive Location Tracking™system provides unprecendented realtime monitoring and tracking at the scale that benefits enterprise wide operations and processes. The use of long range wireless mesh networking reader nodes assures easy scaling up and coverage of large areas or multi-level premises, such as workyards, factories, warehouses and commercial buildings. The self-organizing reader nodes caters for easy installation and configuration. This coupled with the long range low poweractive tags and cloud based Locating Engine, provides a effective and practical means of tracking personnel and assets in large area facilities.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our Active Location Tracking™is a Realtime Location Tracking System (RTLS) which provides realtime in-building and intra-building movement tracking. With entirely in-house built wireless Active Tags and Readers, it's now possible to monitor and track personnel or asset movement across a facility or campus wide. The solution is anchored on the proprietary cloud-based Location Engine which enables easy setup, scaling and support.

Potential Applications

Monitoring of patient and asset movement inhospitals and healthcare centers. Tracking and counting of assets and goods in warehouse and cargo facilities. Personnel and visitor movement monitoring in restricted facilities. Monitoring and tracking of sensitive assets in secured facilities. Monitoring of residents location, movement and excursion alerts in nursing and eldercare centers

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