Advanced Functional Fibres and Fabrics

Technology Overview

This technology enables the seamless integration of multiple of functional components into one flexible fibre with precise control over nanometre-level architecture and composition, at fibre length, uniformity, and cost. This technology also allows an all-in-fibre solution, achieving multiple functionalities, offering a lego-like template to enable the integration of different components into a single flexible fiber. These new fibres and their multi-dimensional fabrics have the ability to see, hear, and sense their surroundings, communicate, store and convert energy, monitor health, control temperature, and many more. This technology also offers industry scale-up capabilities, with kilometre length from one fabrication, to accomplish high production yield and cost effectiveness.

Technology Features & Specifications

This technology carries the following features: All-in-fibre solution to achieve multiple functionalities in a single flexible fibre Lego-like template to enable the integration of many components in a single flexible fibre Industry scale-up capabilities, with kilometre length from one fabrication, to achieve high production yield and cost effectiveness Breathable for constructing multi-dimensional fabrics for wearable electronics Washable and mechanical stable

Potential Applications

This technology is applicable (but not limited) to the following: Wearable electronics, such as health and weight management, exercise and training management, thermal regulation and management, active cooling, etc. Large-area sensing and monitoring, such as environmental sensing including optical sensing, sound sensing, temperature sensing, pressure sensing, gas and chemical sensing Energy generation from heat, motion, and light Military and defence applications

Customer Benefits

Access to the state-of-the-art research outcomes Engage collaboration on product-driven research and development Step-by-step technology and skill transfer, including materials selection, functional material synthesis, fibre design and fabrication, material characterization and optimisation, fibre characterization and system integration, device optimization, and failure analysis High-tech consultation, including material, device, characterization and system

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