Advanced Thermo-Shielding Window Coating

Technology Overview

Existing thermo-shields or infrared absorbers or blockers used on flat and transparent glasses surfaces are outdated, difficult to remove for reapplication, and fragile against UV radiation. This technology is an improved thermo-shielding coating composition with weather-resistant properties and one that can be easily applied and removed. This material can be sprayed on to an existing glass surface and provide heat and UV protection, useful especially in hot, tropical countries.

Technology Features & Specifications

The coating is an aqueous solution made up of fluoropolymer resin, water, and infrared absorbing pigments that can be applied easily on glass surfaces of buildings. Advantages of this material include the ease of application and removal of spray coating; it is odourless during application and it is resilient against UV degradation.

Potential Applications

This coating can be easily applied on a flat and transparent glass surface using a spray. It is a cost-effective, safe and user-friendly way to manage heat absorption into a building. There could also be applications for further research and development especially on how this technology can be used in manufacturing industries, agriculture, etc.

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