AI Platform for Drug Discovery and Repositioning, and Skincare

Technology Overview

The artificial intelligence platform harnesses vast biomedical information to enable the development of novel applications of natural compounds to solve critical and complex healthcare problems. On average, new research is published every second. However, this information is disjoint and segmented, making it difficult to make sense of and apply to the development of novel health solutions.

The platform continuously aggregates complex biomedical information from various sources, organises them, and facilitates rapid computer-based experimentation of biological systems. It also identifies hidden relationships and makes novel deductions, thus generating new solutions at an unparalleled scale which may be difficult for humans to make alone.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology includes the following features and specifications: 

  • Proprietary machine-learning computational biology algorithms that continuously aggregate complex biomedical information from various sources and facilitates rapid computer-based experimentation of biological systems
  • Algorithms also identify hidden relationships and generates novel solutions
  • A database of thousands of natural compounds and growing
  • Stratified approach that ensures formulations are developed for optimum activity 


Potential Applications

Potential applicable areas include pharmaceutical and cosmetics/dermatology, especially in clinical luxury product development.

When applied in the pharmaceutical industry for drug discovery and repositioning, the technology screens chemical libraries for new compounds and identifies active ingredients from natural remedies or biological targets. This way, approved drugs and abandoned compounds already tested in humans can be repurposed or re-profiled for use in a different disease.

Customer Benefits

Access Massive Computing power

The discovery platform uses big data, cloud computing approaches and in-silico computer modelling to screen a huge database of natural plant derived compounds for activity against selected cellular targets.

Explore Nature’s Ingredients

The database of natural compounds is constantly growing as data is added from published studies of TCMs (Traditional Chinese Medicines) and traditional plant products from Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

Deep learning working for you

Using an approach developed for the pharmaceutical industry, with advanced computing power and proprietary ‘deep learning’ algorithms, the platform generates computer models of selected target molecules and screens for interactions with the in-house natural compound library to develop unique formulations.

Saves time and money

The platform offers the same level of data accuracy and coverage as conventional in-vitro screening in a lab, but at a much faster speed and lower cost. The platform rapidly performs hundreds of thousands of in-silico experiments to rapidly drill down into the database to select the most effective natural compounds. 

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