AI Platform for Recruiting - Providing Email AI for Outbound Hiring and Video AI for Pre-Screening Video Interview

Technology Overview

The AI-based solution combines video intelligence and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to allow HR teams to speed up the process of candidate screening. Recruiters can use the AI-powered robot to automate outbound hiring, follow-up with candidates persistently, create interview questions and send invites to multiple candidates. Interview questions can be either multiple-choice or live video response. The bot interacts with the candidate first through emails, sending the interview invite and answering basic questions via email. When a candidate signs up for the interview, the candidate takes the interview at their convenience. During the interview, the candidate either select the answers to multiple-choice questions shown on the screen or answer through live video which will be recorded and analyzed by the robot.

The technology solves one of the biggest issues in the recruitment vertical today - bulk hiring in less time, at any time convenient for the candidates.

  • The AI-powered email marketing robot follows up with prospective candidates for interviews
  • AI-powered engine analyses candidate sentiments just like a human recruiter
  • The automated leaderboard sorts candidates by performance
  • Allows easy sharing of candidate responses with other hiring managers
  • The interviews can be set up in minutes and deployed at scale

Technology Features & Specifications

The video interview bot is easy to navigate, uses natural language processing (NLP) to engage with candidates, and answers basic questions about the job. Its sentiment analysis engine scans for the telltale signs of happiness, confidence or the lack thereof to generate a sentiment score for each interviewee. Some of the key features are:

  • Customisation options for branded look and feel

  • Deep data management capabilities

  • Unbiased interviews with randomized questions

  • Detailed sentiment analysis of video input

  • Responds to basic candidate queries

  • Inbuilt analytics tools to compare different candidates

  • Candidates record responses that can be assessed by recruiters at any time

  • Hyper-personalized emails

  • Simple interface that is easy to navigate

  • Password protection for data security

  • Run 1-1 email marketing campaigns

  • Follow-up persistently

Potential Applications

This AI-based interview bot is a one-stop solution for recruiters who wish to hire at a large scale but do not have sufficient time for an in-depth initial screening for each candidate.

The AI-powered email bot continues following up without a need for human intervention until candidate responds. Emails are personalized, helping develop long-term relationships.

It is for hiring managers who simultaneously manage recruitment drives for multiple positions across different industry verticals. They can benefit from the unbiased interviews that the bot can conduct for tens or hundreds of candidates at once. All they need to do is feed in as many position specific questions as they want and let the AI engine do the rest.

There are many job positions which require more than just the skillset, our video interview bot can help assess facial expressions with up to 90% accuracy and with minimal human intervention, giving that much-needed leverage to human recruiters.

Customer Benefits

This simple yet powerful solution helps companies hire in a faster and more efficient way, giving a head start to human recruiters. Some of the advantages of using such technology for recruitment are:

  • It saves time - No more reading through hundreds of resumes to find the ten profiles that match the requirements. The video interview bot takes care of this.

  • It saves money - With a smart assistant, recruiters can focus on the other essential aspects of sourcing. And as they say, time is money, the bot saves both.

  • It saves resources - With initial sourcing and screening handled by the bot, there is no need to invest in large workforces during bigger recruitment drives. The interview bot grows with the requirements.

  • It saves an organizational headache - To conduct a mega hiring drive successfully, HR teams have to start preparing days in advance. From arranging for a venue big enough to accommodate candidates, to screening hundreds of applicants, it is a huge task. With our solution, all that is needed is a mobile phone or a desktop.

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