AI-Powered Chat Platform

Technology Overview

We provide an AI-powered Chat Platform that automates the setup of intelligent chat interfaces to engage users instantly.

Traditional chatbots typically require tedious set-up of workflows, rules, and intents, making this a time-consuming and resource-intensive exercise to establish and maintain a chatbot with updated and detailed information.

We aim to reduce setup time by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically read and understand documents and enable the chatbot to be able to respond to user queries based on existing content.

Technology Features & Specifications

Administration Portal

  • Instant creation of multiple intents by uploading excel files (FAQs)
  • Ability to create follow-up intents
  • One-click creation of chatbot menu buttons
  • Instant upload of any URL and document and chatbot will be trained automatically with the information
  • Customisation of multiple welcome and fallback messages


Chat Interface

  • May be accessed using a web widget, with or without secured login.
  • Automatic display of images and videos within chat interface
  • Fully-customisable chat window



Our instant reports provide real-time analysis on usage trends, conversation logs, user feedback and improvement areas. 



Security of your data is our top priority. Our platform uses multiple layers of protection across a distributed, reliable infrastructure, achieved using a microservices architecture. Any access and transfer of data is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols.


Backup and Scalability

To ensure maximum uptime and scalability, we run multiple instances of our microservices in production with container orchestration to provide features such as auto scaling, load balancing, and ease of maintenance. In addition, we use “database as a service” solutions which ensures zero downtime, along with sophisticated strategies for data backup and data replication.

Potential Applications

Customer Service

Engage your clients via chat 24/7. Whether it's for support, sales enquiries, product and service information .... we got your covered.


Information Management

Are your users overloaded with information? Sometimes they just need to chat with someone to get answers to their questions



It’s not easy being new. Get your new hires up to speed quickly – all they need to do it to chat with a virtual mentor.


Teacher’s Assistant

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, both in and out of the classroom. Give your student a way to engage via chat to get all the answers they need.

Customer Benefits

Time Savings

Our AI-powered chat platform enables instant digitalisation of content in minutes.



Allows redeploying of resources away from routine tasks to do more meaningful work.


Improved Customer Experience and Brand Image

Customer’s experience with your brand will be enhanced through the consistent and seamless interactions with your chatbot.


Available 24/7

The chatbot works round the clock with no sick leave, no tantrums.

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