An A.I. Solution that Understands Your Contracts - An Innovative Platform to Know Your Obligations

Technology Overview

Our platform is a legal risk management platform that gives you knowledge from your legal data. We extract contractual obligations and risks, monitor relevant regulatory and legislative change and trigger alerts when action is required, saving thousands of hours from professionals and minimizing unpleasant surprises.

The future of reading corporate documents in a solution.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our analysis engine reads a legal document (in English, with French and German to follow) and uses machine learning algorithms and other NLP (natural language processing) methods to automate tasks, through smart querying, reporting, and notification. We use cutting-edge technology, receiving state of the art expertise advice from the academia.

Potential Applications

Our solution extracts contractual key terms and obligations (such as key dates, limit of liability, renewal info, etc.) from services and financial agreements (to be extended to other types). The extracted insights are used for smart queries, reports, notifications and can be integrated into enterprise systems. Our solution automates the repetitive manual tasks in the compliance and legal world. It provides our clients with significant cost and time savings in areas that currently challenge them the most. Furthermore, it allows legal departments to manage compliance risk to contractual, legal and regulatory obligations.

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