Algae-based Green Water Filter

Technology Overview

Intensive aquaculture activities require large quantities of clean water to function well. Microalgae found in the green waters take in nutrients such as ammonia, nitrite and nitrate from the water during photosynthesis thereby depriving the undesired vegetation of the nutrients to grow. This technology relates to an algae-based modular filter for used aquaculture water which incorporates microalgae as a phytoremediation agent to remove contaminants from aquaculture green waters. The microalgae are encapsulated in porous polymer beads to ensure maximum effectiveness and ease of use. Compared to conventional treatment systems, the algae-based green water filter combines water treatment with the generation of fish feed supplements.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Microalgae encapsulated in porous polymer beads
  • Modular filter unit 
  • Microalgae polymer beads competitively inhibit algae growth in green waters
  • Treatment of aquaculture wastewater in a complete recirculating aquaculture system and produce fish feed supplements
  • Eliminate costs in algae separation from water

Potential Applications

By removing the soluble nutrients, the technology can help prevent unsightly algae growth and maintain the aesthetic outlook of open waters.

This technology can be applied to:

  • Open ponds and reservoirs
  • Aquaculture (Fish farms)



Customer Benefits

  • A green modular filter which reduces freshwater demand in fish farming without chemical use or excessive energy demand
  • Complete water treatment at low capital, maintenance and operational cost
  • Production of natural fish feed supplements containing which boost the dietary nutrition of fish and enhance fish health

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