ALPACIA - Automatic on-line medical image-based disease tele-screening cloud platform with pattern classIfication algorithms

Technology Overview

Glaucoma is a chronic eye disease in which the optic nerve is progressively damaged. It is the leading cause of irreversible blindness, affecting 60 million people by 2010. It is critical to detect glaucoma early as glaucomatous vision loss can be slowed down through early intervention. However, a large portion of glaucomatous patients are not aware of their condition until late stage due to the lack of a low cost and easy access screening programme. Therefore, it is highly desirable for a large scale screening of the disease.


ALPACIA offers a solution to the problem by providing a cloud-based service platform for automatic glaucoma tele-screening. 

Technology Features & Specifications

Taking advantage of the rapid growing cloud resources and advanced pattern classification based glaucoma assessment technology, ALPACIA helps to form an integrated ecosystem that connects patients, screening service providers and doctors in a more efficient way, allowing the disease to be detected earlier and enabling early intervention for more efficient intervention and disease management.

The key features of ALPACIA are as follows:

  • Rich suite of algorithms based on Pattern Abstraction & Recognition with improved performance  for automatic screening of glaucoma
    • High throughput
    • No need for specially trained personnel
    • Allows mass screening
  • Hybrid Cloud architecture allows easy access to local and international partners
  • Cloud-based SaaS business model with high commercial viability to local and international customers
  • ALPACIA A-Score and Report Generation
    • Objective assessment of the likelihood of disease
    • Monitor disease progression

Potential Applications

The technology can be used by the following customers/collaborators:

  • Ophthalmic imaging equipment manufacturers as a bundled service
  • General practitioners / Polyclinics
  • Optical Shops
  • Health screening service providers
  • Online medical service platforms  

Market Trends and Opportunities

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 285 million people globally are visually impaired due to eye diseases out of which 246 million of whom have low vision and 39 million are blind.


Currently, eye diseases are detected only when a person experiences symptoms such as pain or blurred vision. However, patients with irreversible diseases such as glaucoma have no symptoms until late stages. Hence, early detection and timely intervention is the only way to prevent visual impairment or blindness. Thus there is a need for a population wide screening tool that is reliable, convenient to administer and fast enough to screen a large volume of users. 

Customer Benefits

The use of a cloud-based telemedicine platform brings many persuasive advantages and benefits to customers.

  • The automated analysis of images is fast, consistent, objective and repeatable. 
  • It enables early detection and hence early intervention of glaucoma in a cost-efficient manner.
  • A cloud-based platform allows the system to have a wider reach, enabling access anywhere through computers, tablets or mobile phones.
  • Such a cloud-based system is inherently scalable and our solution can be quickly scaled up from small-scale testing to its full use in population-based tele-screening.  

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