Alternative Materials for Conductive Inks

Technology Overview

High-aspect ratio metal nanowires (silver, copper and copper-nickel) are a suitable replacement for indium tin oxide (ITO) as material in creating transparent conducting electrodes, whose applications include tablets, smartphones, photovoltaics, light-emitting diodes (LED), liquid crystal displays (LCD), and flexible electronics. The material relies on fast, easy and scalable manufacturing through electroless deposition, and can be customised for a variety of products and unique user requirements. Its unique properties are ideal for foldable or rollable devices as well as strengthened glass and plastic substrates in future displays.

This technology has been demonstrated as a good alternative to expensive ITO transparent conducting films, which are scarce, brittle and vacuum-deposited.

Technology Features & Specifications

This cost-effective and accessible nanotechnology can be tailored for diverse needs, and can serve existing markets as a reliable ITO replacement. Key Features are:

  • High aspect ratio (L/D) >3500
  • Low sheet resistance
  • Flexible and transparent
  • Comparable conductivity and transparency
  • No harsh post-treatment
  • High mechanical integrity
  • Easy device integration
  • Customisable dimension and formulation

Potential Applications

This material, as mentioned in the abstract earlier, can be used in a wide range of applications, including (but not limited to):

  • Conductive glue
  • EMI shielding and antenna
  • Photovoltaics displays (smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets)
  • Metal and oxide nanoparticles integration of product in devices (e.g. silver nanowire transparent touch displays)

Customer Benefits

  • Economical and eco-friendly alternative to ITO
  • Scalable
  • Compatible with existing printing technologies
  • Customisable

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