Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Photocatalytic Coating

Technology Overview

Many buildings and structures suffer from drastic bacteria, fungus and mould growth and is especially prominent in hot, tropical countries. Photocatalytic reaction has been regarded as effective against such growth, however previous efforts have been too weak and ineffective on the industrial level. A new and patented anti-bacterial and anti-fungal photocatalytic coating has been developed and has been tested to reduce the growth of bacteria and mold which can significantly lower the annual maintenance costs of buildings.

Technology Features & Specifications

The photocatalytic coating liquid contains Nafion™ (sulfonated fluoropolymer), an indispensable binder resin. It generates strong oxidising compounds and also protects the acidic environment by neutralising external chemicals.This coating is able to prevent mould growth on buildings and also has a self-cleaning property. It uses sunlight and rainwater to produce hydrophilic surfaces for easy removal and decomposition of dirt and organic pollutants.Hence it provides an effective and long-term protection for building against weather deterioration, thereby saving costs for building maintenance.

Potential Applications

This transparent coating can be easily applied using a brush, roller or spray to various substrates such as concrete, sandstone, marble, or painted surfaces. One litre of this coating can cover approximately 12 sq.m surface. This coating also has the potential to be used in tropical countries and is particularly useful for personal homes and even commercial buildings.

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