Anti-Reflective and Easy-to-Clean Coating for Solar Panels

Technology Overview

This technology presents a unique anti-soiling coating formulation for photovoltaic (PV) solar panels which has been developed to reduce maintenance cost and improve energy efficiency. Specifically, the coating can significantly reduce the amount of water used in cleaning operations and facilitate easy removal of hard stains such as cement dust, mud, sand, dust, hard water stains, bird fouling. Combining with its anti-reflective (AR) property, the coating can increase the power output by 5-10%. The coating can be applied on-site or in the factory during PV panel production and is ideal for protection of PV installations at locations where soiling is prominent, e.g. coastal areas, desert regions, industrially polluted places, floating solar, etc.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • 5-10% increment in power output
  • 1-2% increment in light transmission (380-1200 nm) 
  • Water contact angle: 100-115°
  • Cross cut adhesion: 5B (0% of coating removed during testing)
  • Thickness required: <2 μm
  • On-site application is possible using a simple “Spray and Wipe” process
  • Air curing in 24 hours
  • Lasts for 3-5 years
  • Also suitable for application on PMMA substrate

Potential Applications

  • Solar panels
  • Solar concentrators
  • Other solar products where transparency is critical for performance
  • Building glass façades

Market Trends and Opportunities

Easy cleaning solutions are required for many applications to reduce the usage of water and manpower. The market is adopting coatings which are low in surface energy and show non-stick behaviour. This is particularly true for applications in remote locations and where deployment of resources is difficult.

Customer Benefits

  • 30% reduction in maintenance cost
  • 50% reduction in water consumption for cleaning stains
  • 5-10% increment in power output 
  • Easy preparation of coating solution
  • Easy, on-site application by spray and wipe method
  • Air cured and long lasting (3-5 years)

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