Apps for Transportation

Technology Overview

Service Provider such as Community Care Centre provides daily transport services such as fetching clients from the residential place of its Clients to the Care Centre and sending them back safely and punctually. However, due to occasional unforeseen circumstances such as traffic incidents and heavy rain, this has resulted in the delay of the transport vehicle and caused clients to wait beyond the designated fetching time or late arrival time at their residential place. The lateness of the vehicle caused inconvenience to clients and their caregivers when they wasted valuable time waiting aimlessly outside the comfort of their home and caused caregivers anxiety when they waited passed designated arrival time of their loved ones to reach home. Our apps serve the purpose of resolving clients and caregivers waiting aimlessly and anxiously when the vehicle is delayed and late in arriving at the designated place.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our Apps allows clients and caregivers to track and monitor the location of a vehicle moving “live” on the street map. This function enables clients and caregivers to get ready to be at the designated pick-up/drop off point when the vehicle is approaching as well as it minimizes client’s miscalculation of waiting time and avoiding caregivers having to experience an unpleasant situation such as anxiety or waiting in the rain for their loved ones. The apps also have the function that allows the driver to conveniently pre-send messages to inform clients and caregivers if there are changes to pick-up/drop-off timing. This saves the driver the hassle of calling the client and hence allows the driver to concentrate and drive safely. Vice-versa, the clients and caregivers, can pre-send last-minute messages to inform the driver if they do not need transport service for that day due to not being able to attend the session at the Care Centre. Using the apps can improve the quality of daily transport services experienced by clients of Care Centres and caregivers when using the Care Centre's pick-up/drop-off services.

The present apps combine location service, tracking and chatting targeted for the elderly.

Potential Applications

The present apps can be customised to other areas such as school transportation for kids, tracking logistics and events management

Market Trends and Opportunities

In the digital economy, using mobile apps to improve the quality of life and care is very prevalent and advancing in its usage rapidly. Given that there are many generic apps available in the market which cannot be customized to a specific industry, our apps for transport has great potential to offer to service providers. 

The Singapore road transportation services amount to S$237.7 million in 2017 and are expected to have an increase of 26.8% from 2017 to 2022 with a CAGR of 4.9%.

Customer Benefits

The Apps serves the purpose of resolving clients and caregivers waiting aimlessly and anxiously when a vehicle of the service provider is delayed and late in arriving at the designated place. It also provides flexibility to the transport driver as it can be in communication with the clients during any change order or event.

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